How do I assign an individual student to a quiz, if I have already assigned them with a section?

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We run a graded canvas quiz at the end of our practical classes. There are multiple repeats of this class running all week. To run the test, I have assigned each practical class section an availability window to sit the test, with this corresponding to their prac time. 

For example:

Section 1: 9am - 11am Monday
Section 2: 2pm - 4pm Tuesday

Often, we have temporary prac transfers swapping between classes and I need to assign them individually to a new time during the class.

I was wondering if also assigning students individually would effectively give them a choice between two windows in which to sit the test? (1) Their section window and (2) their individual window. Can the students see these two windows? Ideally, we do not want this happening.

Thank you!

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