How do I invite another teacher to join my canvas course?

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on Google Classroom you can invite another teacher to join your class.  Can the same be done using Canvas?

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Hi  @maria_delapaz  Welcome to the Canvas Community.

You sure can invite a colleague in to your course. It's a great idea.

Here's a guide for that How do I add users to a course?


User Roles

When manually adding users to a course, you can add a user into any available role, including custom roles as created by your admin. If you are not sure about what permissions are allowed for a specific role in your institution, please contact your Canvas admin.

Standard roles include Teaching Assistants (TAs), Observers, and Designers:

  • TAs provide course support and have some or all of the same permissions granted to instructors.
  • Observers can be linked to a student and view student progress in the course. Observers can include parents, guardians, and/or mentors.
  • Designers can add other users to the course, access course content, create discussions, announcements, assignments, quizzes, and other content filled features. This role is appropriate for instructional designers, instructional coaches, or program managers who work with instructors to design their courses.

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