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New Member

How do I register SMS notifications?

I've tried resending a code multiple times, and the link to resend the verification code is no longer showing up, regardless of what browser I use.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Rachel -

What type of phone are you using and which mobile provider?

It sounds like you're not alone. This older discussion includes others who have not been able to resolve the SMS issue.

SMS verification code not sending 

Have you contacted Canvas Support (How do I get help with Canvas as a student?)? Have they been able to share anything with you?

New Member

I would recommend you to use another telephone number. But if you do not have any or you simply do not trust to your friends/parents... Then try to use service. It helped me a week ago to set up a temporary phone number for uber as I could not receive SMS code on my number here in Netherlands. 

Hope your problem will be resolved soon. 

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