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How do you download one question at a time

It is a quiz that requires upload of answers per question (5 questions in total). Canvas allows you to download ALL the questions into 1 zip file. But if i want to only download Question 1, how is it possible? I have tried Quiz statistics which shows the separate questions, but when you click download files under question 1, it still downloads all the questions that were uploaded.

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@AEssop I just checked in Classic Quizzes and what you state is what I saw.  I do not know of any way to download the submissions where each question is separate.  New Quizzes of course does not allow for bulk download of uploaded files, so that is not going to work either.

For me, it would be a minor inconvenience because I would write a perl script to go through all the submissions.  The script would separate the submissions by the unique question id that is put on to each download file name.  For those that do not have that capability it is a major inconvenience.

Maybe someone else with more knowledge can supply an answer.