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How to know if Assignment grade is released to students in API?


Just wondering how do we determine if Course Assignment grades have been released to students in API?

Couldn't find any helpful API for this.

Appreciate if there is any help to workaround if there is none.

Thank you!

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Hi   @devpool  .  I can't answer your question but am going to share your question with the  and Canvas Developers‌ groups.  These groups have some great folks and hopefully someone will have helpful insight.

All the best!

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If I understand correctly, you would like use the API to determine whether a grade on an individual assignment is visible to a student.

To find the scores or grades for individual assignments, you need to use the Submissions API. There are a few endpoints there that will give you the information.

When the posted_at field is null, the grade has not been posted. That is not the same thing as having a grade, it just means that the student can see the value.

You may need to check a few other things as well -- for example, if the score is null then there is no grade or you may need to look at workflow_state.

For example, here is what the gradebook shows:


The first student has score=1, posted_at=null; the second student has score=1, posted_at=2020-06-01T14:38:44Z, and the third student has score=null, posted_at=2020-06-01T14:38:44Z.

The third student was a test student that was part of a section that I had posted the grades for. Even though that test student didn't have a submission, they still got a posted_at timestamp when I updated the section.