How to send my PDF document to Canvas

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Now that I've uploaded my first writing assignment, which is a short report about a home source, to Canvas,  how do I send it? Or have I sent it already? 

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Hi  @oneculturekid   This depends a bit on what you mean when you said that you have uploaded your assignment.  If you go to the assignment in Canvas, there should be a button that either says "submit assignment" or "resubmit assignment".  If it says "resubmit assignment" and you can see a notification like that below, you should have already turned it in.  If you uploaded the file somewhere but not in the assignment itself, then when you click on the button to submit the assignment you should be given an option to either find the file on your computer or in files you have uploaded to Canvas and turn this in.  Being said, you may want to check with your instructor that you are submitting the work the way this individual intends.

I hope this helps and best wishes!


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