ILP and Canvas

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We are currently in the process of integrating Ellucian ILP and Canvas. We have successfully set up the integration in our test environment and things are flowing correctly. When we set it up in Production we are experiencing issues we did not have in test.

  1. Terms from Colleague ILP are not syncing in Canvas. Courses that are being pulled are just saying "Default Term". We have the term set up correctly and the same as we have in test it just isn't assigning the term. What am I missing?
  2. How we are authenticating users in production is via their employeeID that is stored in our Active Directory. The users account has to be updated so the employeeID is the LoginID. We have been doing this via a CSV file. The question is: When we setup ILP and it syncs with Canvas it is changing the loginID to the user's email address and NOT the employeeID that we updated. Is there a way to disable this? Has anyone experienced any of this?

Any tips or advice from those that have ILP set up and it is working correctly.





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