Inline preview window for a link

Community Novice


I'm trying to create an inline preview for a web link in the syllabus  with  the rich text editor.

to explain what I want to achieve:

When you add a url to a module , the default is a preview window, however you have the option to open it in a new tab:


the result is this:


When you add a file to the syllabus, it automatically gives the inline preview option,


when you add a web-link to the syllabus however, the default is that it will open in a new tab.

I'd like to have a preview window  for this link in the syllabus  as if you added a url to the module or as if you add a file to the syllabus.

I tried to change the html attribute : 

<a href="" target="_blank" onClick="'','pagename','resizable,height=600,width=600'); return false;">Academic Handbook</a>

but that doesn't work, in fact the rich text editor of Canvas doesn't even save the code even though I click on update the syllabus..

appreciate any idea ! thank you.