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Interactive Google Slides?

I have some sets of Google Slides that have interactive components.  For example, one slide has an infinite cloner to produce circles so my first graders can slide a certain amount into a grid (10 frame) to solve a math problem.  I have successfully embedded the Google Slides insides of Canvas, but the interactive component isn't working.  Do interactive Google Slides work inside of Canvas?  Do I have to do something to make the slides function like they do outside of Canvas.  Or is this not possible?  

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi,  @swendling ‌, I apologize that no one has responded to your question before now. When a slide presentation is uploaded to a Canvas page, it is effectively converted into a view-only resource; the interactive features will only be available upon download. I wonder if the remedies suggested in Publish and Embed a Google Slide would work for you?

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I also have this issue. I teach special needs students and our division is now using Canvas as our management system. My students need to type on worksheets and interact with the slides (like a cut and paste activity). I would have to assign the slide in canvas, then they will have to leave canvas, get the slide, interact with it, save it, and then go back into canvas to upload the assignment. This is too many steps for a special needs student. I wish the interactive part would work in canvas. Maybe this could be something that could be available in the future.

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I have not found a great way to do this yet, but the closest I have come is to create an assignment and when you choose the submission type you choose an external tool and then choose either Google Drive Cloud Assignments or Google Assignments. 

The only problem is when it loads on the screen it is really small and there are only a few work arounds. I will list them below. 

1) They can resize their screen by zooming in or out in the web browser (this is accomplished differently on different computers). I worry though that students will shrink their page down and forget or not know how to bring it back up to 100%

2) You could choose options where it loads the document in a second tab but then they have to navigate back to Canvas and remember to hit submit. (Very few of my students ever hit submit when we used google classrooms, but because of the way they built their integrations you could still see the student work. I worry I will have lots of students that don't remember to navigate back to submit. This is just about retraining but man it will be a pain to begin with. 

Hope this might help and if you all find a different way to do it I let me know. 

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How do I push out a copy so students aren't editing the master?