Internal server error when trying to create grade book column

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Im trying to make a custom grade book column, however, when trying to do so I get this error:


       "message":"An error occurred.",


The request is done in python and here is my code, most of it is taken from the custom gradebook column documentation


def post(self, request_url):
   total_url = self._api_url + request_url
   test_data = {
      "column": {
         "id": 2,
         "teacher_notes": False,
         "title": "Stuff",
         "position": 1,
         "hidden": False,
         "read_only": True,
         "access_token": self._access_token

    r =, data = test_data)


Im using pythons requests library to handle the http stuff.
total_url looks something like

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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I'm not using Python, however, the boolean value must be lower case (E.g. true, false - not True, False)

By the way, "id" is not part of the endpoint

"column": {
         "title": "Stuff",
         "teacher_notes": false,
         "position": 1,
         "hidden": false,
         "read_only": true


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Try 0 (false) and 1 (true) 

If you're using Python, you might want to consider using this Python Wrapper to access Canvas API:


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