Is the same as "Canvas"?

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My school is using as their parent portal.   When I go to <school_prefix> it gives me this list of options in the left column:

  • Dashboard
  • Courses
  • Calendar
  • Inbox
  • Resources (containing a link to Guides in
  • A link to "the parent portal" which is confusing since I thought I already was on the parent portal.  Whatever.

My question is, is the same as "Canvas", the same as



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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Ben ~Great questions!

[schoolnamehere] is the customized URL that the institution claims for their personalized Canvas experience. 

Instructure is the parent company of Canvas, yes! Smiley Happy If you visit, you'll see that it's actually rerouted to

Some schools refer to the Observer experience as the "Parent Portal", even though Canvas doesn't use that terminology anywhere in its documentation. If you have any questions about the Observer role, reply and let the Canvas Community know. We'll do our best to connect you with resources.

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