Is there a way to retroactively edit total possible quiz points?

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I want to make a quiz worth 10 points (1 point per question), but give students more than 10 questions to allow them additional opportunities to get questions correct even if they don't know all of the material.  For example, give 13 questions but the quiz would still be worth 10 points total.  They could get 3 wrong and still get a 10, or even get more than 10 points if they're able to answer more than 10 correctly (get extra credit).  Is there a way to set up a quiz this way or retroactively use speedgrader to alter the total possible quiz points?  I'm aware of fudge points to add points after taking the quiz, but the total possible points does not seem to be open for editing.

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Immediately dismiss this thought from your mind and forget it was ever there. Changing points after a legacy quiz has been given is not extremely risky and can really screw things up.

This excerpt is from a lesson in the Canvas Instructor Guide: What options can I use to regrade a quiz in a course?

Quiz regrade only works with specific quiz question types and only applies to students who have already taken the quiz. Adding or removing a question does not trigger the quiz regrade feature. Additionally, changing the point value for a quiz question also does not trigger a quiz regrade; the student's submitted quiz will show the updated point value, but the current grade won't change in the Gradebook. If you have edited your quiz in one of these three ways, you should moderate the quiz and let the student retake the quiz.

Your question is a common one though. The last time I explained how to accomplish extra credit on a quiz was a month ago on May 19: How to make a quiz extra credit or change its point value. And on May 11: Extra credit points within a quiz?  And on May 10: Extra Credit Quiz .  And the list goes on ...

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