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Issues with Comments in IOS teachers App

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Hi all,

I wondered if anybody's having the same issue as me. I've graded my student's work over the weekend via the teacher's app on my ipad. When my students reviewed my comments (I made them using the Apple Pencil) I noticed that LOTS of the comments had been cut off (see attached pic). Needless to say I was furious. Not only had I wanted a lot of my weekend but I spent the whole lesson explaining to the kids what I meant by the comments. They were confused to say the least and my confidence in this app has been eroded. I wondered if this was a common problem?248670_IMG_0121.PNG248671_IMG_0122.PNG248675_IMG_0123.PNG

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I would get this periodically during my summer term, but now I'm getting it constantly over the last week. Comments are mirrored and upside down. It happens every assignment I'm grading, and it's beyond frustrating!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Version 1.7.1 of the Canvas Teacher app was released on 12/18/18 and mentions fixes for the annotations that are rotated or flipped - Give it a shot and see if it solves your issue. Thanks. 

Has there been an update/fix for this? I am still having this issue in 2021.

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Yes! I am still having the issue, even with an updated app, brand new iPad, and up to date iOS. Are any fixes available?