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LTI 1.3 Deep Linking Response - Unable to process scoreMaximum

I’ve installed Canvas and is running it locally with Docker (on stable branch).


I’m currently experimenting with the assignment selection placement. I sent a deep linking response (containing only one LTI resource - ltiResourceLink) back to Canvas, following the specifications here:


According to the documentations, I can send a lineItem object specifying scoreMaximum (as well as startDateTime and endDateTime) in my ltiResourceLink object as part of the deep linking response. However, none of those were processed by Canvas from the deep linking response (only the URL was processed).


Am I doing something incorrectly? Is there a way I can send those information along with the assignment URL selected by the user back to Canvas in the deep linking response?


Any help and guide will be greatly appreciated.

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Having the same issue. Any solutions found yet for this?