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Lecture Video Layout Malfunction

Up until now (this semester) I've been having issues with the layout of the lectures, I assumed it was all the way across the board, which I probably shouldn't have, I'm just not good at asking for help.

The lectures load differently for me than they did in my previous class, I thought that it was just different teacher/different layout but after asking my partner and sharing my screen she informed me that hers looked different. I asked my sister if she could bring her laptop over and upon my checking there it is indeed very different.

The layout that I currently get on my computer makes it somewhat difficult to watch the lectures, I constantly have to pause and flip back and forth between screens and I have not really been able to take many of the practice quizzes. Does anyone know a setting on either canvas or maybe a computer setting I could use to fix this so I have the side by side view. 

I've also checked on my phone and it gives me the side by side view, so it makes it even harder to figure out how to fx. 

I have attached pictures, the first two are how I see my screen and the third is how it shows up for others.Image 1


Image 2

image 3

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @RosarioGracia …

The interface for those videos does not look familiar to me within the Canvas environment.  I am wondering if your instructor has used a specific video service to host that content, and then he/she has embedded those videos in your course.  It also might be the case that your computer’s screen resolution is playing a part in how the videos are displaying on your screen compared to other people.  Or, there may be controls within the video interface that you might be able to change to get the videos to display differently.  I think, ultimately, that you’ll need to reach out to your instructor to ask more about this…as we here in the Community cannot access your school’s Canvas environment or your course(s) in question.

Please keep us updated if you get this resolved…thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.