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I have applied the Mark as Done button to assignments for my class that require that they do work on an external website.  I want them to go to the website, complete the assignment, then return to Canvas to click the Mark as Done.  How do I know if they have clicked on Mark as Done?  Does it show up in my to-do list?

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On the modules page there are several buttons in the upper right.  One of those is "view progress" clicking that will open a list of students.  You will need to click on each individual student to see their progress.  For each student the modules they have begun will be labeled "in-progress" and have a list of module requirements that are NOT complete.  Modules they have access to but have not begun will simply be labeled "unlocked" without the list.  Modules where all requirements have been met will be marked complete.

Only activities with a module requirement will be in the in-progress list.  If the module with the requirement you want to track is either complete or in-progress without the specific requirement you are tracking in the list, it has been marked complete.  If the module is either unlocked or in-progress with this specific requirement still in the list, it has not been marked.

For more automated tracking, you can require module requirements to be completed in order, and then monitor completion of anything that shows up in the gradebook after this.  You will sometimes still need to check the progress of specific students in modules, however.

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