Matlab Grader Anonymous LTI/ Challenges

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I am working with a professor at our institution who is running into a limitation with the Matlab Grader LTI integration. The Matlab Grader LTI only supports anonymous integration. Though, this is a nice idea in principle, it presents a significant practical limitation: teachers cannot see the student's submission with anything that identifies the student, in the context of the Matlab Grader App. Grade pass-back is working correctly, however there isn't a great story for reviewing work with student identifying information. Here is a link to an Mathworks discussion forum on this topic:

The only identifying information that is shown in Grader (along with a student's submission) is the submission-ID (a GUID of some sort). I have not been able to find the submission IDs in Canvas by poking around in the Canvas APIs for submissions. I suspect this is one of those LTI-specific identifiers (for user, context and assignment) that is very difficult to locate outside of the LTI payload. 

I wanted to reach-out the Canvas community to see if anyone has found a simple and reliable workaround for this current limitation. 


Michael Nardell

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