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Microsoft Teams and Stream integration

I have integrated Microsoft Teams into our Canvas instance.  When the Teams meeting is recorded, it appears in Stream.  Is there a way to automatically have the Stream recording populated to the class where the Team session originated?

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Hi  @dawn_george ‌.

I'd like to see a solution to this .... in fact I'd welcome a similar depth of integration between Teams, Stream and Canvas as you get in Canvas' Office 365 cloud-based assignments and Collaborations.

The issue I'm having with Teams is that it's not really 'integrated' - it merely adds a link to an announcement or page and who you share that with determines who knows about it. Teams itself (and, therefore, Stream) doesn't actually know who is invited. Against my better judgement, I'm currently resorting to downloading Stream videos and uploading to Canvas because student groups are not, as yet, defined in our Office 365. I'm lucky Teams meetings are well compressed by the time they end up in Stream; I'd be stumped if the video file-sizes were larger.

The other issue for us is large video Assignment submissions. Where I'm working, we don't have Canvas Studio, Kaltura or any other video streaming system and we're pushing Office 365 rather than G-Suite. Robust integration with Stream could potentially help streamline assignment uploading and feedback.

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Hi dawng Welcome to the Canvas Community.

 @samkennedy01  Thank You is correct in all they say.

No, you can't get the video directly from your meeting. 

You can get a link from Stream to use in your course to alleviate space in your files. In Stream find your video, below the video is a share button which will lead you to a link that you can use in Canvas. 

I hope that helps. 

I have embedded my video into the canvas page from Stream.  However, when my students go to watch it, it says they are not authorized, even if they have singed in to Stream.  Any helps on this one?

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Have you made the video available to the 'company' smoore58h? 

If you go into Stream, then to the ... (ellipses) the option 'update video details' will enable you to give access to all in your 'company'. That might help. 

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Similar to above - is there any way to make it available to those in a Canvas class, but not available to everyone in the organization? (Short of adding all the students individually). Thanks!



Here is an integration that will automate the creation of teams in Microsoft Teams based on your Canvas Courses and it automatically synchronises all the teachers and students from Canvas to Teams. It can also create Teams meetings for online classes automatically and put the meeting links directly in Canvas. Link here.