Missing content in Canvas when accessing it from my MAC.

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Why won't any of the modules show up on my macbook pro?  I'd really like to be able to do my homework from my computer -I have the ap on my phone and everything shows up on my phone but when I click on the modules from my mac laptop nothing shows up!  This is super frustrating! It seems like there should be a warning for students when logging into canvas -that some of the content is not accessible from MAC computers.  I know several other people who had problems last semester when trying to access Canvas from their MAC.  There should be a disclaimer if the problem is not going to be fixed so that people don't think that they're able to see all the course work when really, they are just seeing BLANK pages. This is a serious problem. Canvas people you need to call Macintosh and figure this out because this is the year 2020 and a LOT of students have MAC computers!

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Hi,  @whitcl9 ‌, we notice that you've posted this or similar comments in several places. I'm sorry to hear that technical issues are getting in the way of your learning, and we hope we can get you back on track quickly. Canvas works really well on the MacOS, as long as the OS and browser being used are supported. I'm currently on Mojave 10.14.6 and accessing Canvas through Chrome 79 with no issues.

Many Mac users access Canvas through Safari, so I'm including these general troubleshooting steps for any Mac users who are reading this conversation:

  • Check the version of Safari you're using (by clicking on Safari at the upper left and then on About Safari) to ensure that you're using Safari 12 or 13. If you're not, you'll need to update your browser to the latest version—and to do that, you'll first need to update the MacOS to the most recent supported version (see What are the basic computer specifications for Canvas?).
  • If you're already on the latest version of Safari, clear the cache and cookies in the Safari browser, close and then relaunch the browser. 

For those not using Safari, here's the full list of supported browsers and versions:  Which browsers does Canvas support?  Again, on a Mac, updating the OS is a prerequisite for generating download links to the latest versions of browsers.


Ultimately, though, the best point of contact is Canvas Support; while we can give general advice in this forum, support agents are able to look directly at someone's page views, device, and browser, and so they're in the best position to get to the heart of the problem. General instructions are in How do I get help with Canvas as a student? , but some schools have customized their support setup somewhat and prefer that students contact their local IT department directly.

Good luck, Christianna!

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