Modules that I have completed are labled incomplete

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As the title says, every module in my course that I have completed is suddenly labled incomplete and locked, so I cannot finish the coursework. The deadline has not yet passed, it is within the week however so I am quite frantic.

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Community Coach

Good afternoon,  @shealovesbooks ...

It sounds like you'll need to reach out to your instructor to troubleshoot this question.  We here in the Canvas Community only have access to our own Canvas environments and not environments from other schools, so we wouldn't have access to your course to see what might be going on.  I would recommend that you click on the "Help" icon on the left-hand global navigation, and then select "Ask Your Instructor a Question".  How do I get help with Canvas as a student?  Hopefully between the two of you, you can get this resolved soon.  Good luck!  Stay safe, and be well!

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