Moving a student from a course in one sub-account to course in another sub-account

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We have multiple sub-accounts in our org and a student was enrolled into the wrong sub-account. Both of these sub-accounts have the same course tied back to the blueprint, but they obviously have different course numbers. Is there a way to move the student to the correct course in the correct sub-account and have their progress/grades transfer as well.

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Community Coach

Hi Nick,

You can move the student from one course to another, but there's no way to move their progress (course participation, submission, grades, etc.) with them.  All that stuff is tied to the enrollment, which is specific to the original course.  If you move the student to a new course, you're creating a new enrollment and removing the old one.

The only way around that is to save their grades from the old course and manually enter them in the new course, but of course that doesn't include any off their actual course work...


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