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My CANVAS will not let me submit my assignment. What should I try?

I have tried restating my computer, and logging in and out of canvas. It will not let me reply to my teacher's assignment, therefor I cannot do the peer reviews either.

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Hi  @rjbraun1  and welcome to the Community.  Sorry to hear about the trouble you ran into.  There can be a number of reason why this is happening. You could try the assignment in another browser, such as Chrome and Firefox.  Sometimes an issue exists in one browser but not another.  Beyond that, your best bet would be to contact Support (see How do I get help with Canvas as a student?).  In the Community we cannot view your actual course or assignment, but Support could.  I suspect that it is either a browser issue or one of the settings selected by your instructors, but a Support agent could help determine if one of these is the case or something else is going on.

I hope this helps and best wishes!

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