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My inbox is not working :(

When I try and compose an email I can choose the class, but I can't find any people to send it to. I am trying to send something to my teacher but the list that's supposed to show the people in your class is turning up as "no result found". That message pops up every time I try and type something in the search bar. Could someone help me?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @squid ...

To be sure, are you following the steps in one of these Guides?

Also, do you know if the course is "published" or not ... meaning, have you been able to access the course content yet?  If you are unsure if the course is "published", you can go to your "Courses" >> "All Courses" screen in Canvas (How do I view all my Canvas courses as a student?), and you should see your course listed somewhere on that screen ... with a column that lets you know if your course is published or not.  If it isn't published yet, you may not be able to send people in your course a message via the Canvas Inbox.

Hoping to hear back from you soon!  Take care...stay well.