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  • How to stop question order being different from student to student when creating paper from question bank. Canvas automatically goes into jumble mode then, and keeping ‘shuffle questions’ box off does not seem to make any difference.
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Howdy @rpapoula ,

Thanks for your question. I'm assuming that you are using legacy quizzes and not New Quizzes in Canvas.
I'm going to use specific Canvas terminology in relation to your question so that we are on the same page.

Anytime you use a question group in quizzes, it randomizes the order of questions- whether you are linking from a question bank or you use the find questions feature to add them to the question group. Therefore, let's say you have 50 questions in your bank and you only want it to select 10- then you would use a question group, also meaning the order of questions will be randomized.

The "shuffle" setting that you might be referring to shuffles or randomizes the "answer" order (not question order).

If you want questions in a particular order you need to add/find questions one by one, without using question groups.

Some instructors do use question groups and a particular order by making a question group for each question. For example, below where Question 1 might be a particular type of question but each question option just uses different numbers or phrases the question differently.

Group Q1 (pick 1)
-Q1a, or
-Q1b, or

Group Q2 (pick 1)
-Q2a, or
-Q2b, or

Hope that helps,

Sky V.

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