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Parent/Observer report

As a parent/observer, how do I create/print a report to show my student/child’s grades and status (submitted, missing, late) for all assignments in particular class FROM A PREVIOUS YEAR? 

The info is available when looking in my student’s Canvas account, but I do not see an option for generation/printing. 

If this is not doable as a parent, how is it done by a student, teacher or admin (so I can pass along instructions)? 

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On a course by course basis you can print the grades page. You need to open all the conversations and rubrics to make them visible in the print. Your computer may allow you to direct the print to a PDF file.

There is no option to do this for all the courses at once that I'm aware of.

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Community Team


Previous years may or not be available to you, depending on the settings created by your school and/or district. 

I have printed to PDF using the process @julian_ebeli described. It works pretty well! I have also copied and pasted it into a new document, but this is for a student at a time and could be very time-consuming.

There are a few ideas open for conversation that seems like it would fit with this question too. They could be great ones to pass along to your school/district administrator.

Monitor student grades in all courses 

Generate/Print Batch Progress Reports/Grades For All Students