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We have created a Partner Teacher role that has view-only permissions. We want this role to see only the grades of the students enrolled in their section, but they currently see grades of students in all sections. How can we accomplish this?

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Hello @emilelearning,

In the permissions for a role there is not an option to restrict users to only view the grades in their section, instead you can set this restriction in the enrollments the user has in each of their sections. If you are adding users manually on the People page in the course there will be a Can interact with users in their section only checkbox which can be selected, or if users are already added in a course you can follow the steps in this guide How do I limit a user to only interact with other users in the same course section? to limit them their own section. If users are being added to courses via API there is an enrollment[limit_privileges_to_course_section] parameter which can be set when creating an enrollment. If users are being added to courses using SIS Imports there is an optional limit_section_privileges column in the enrollments.csv which can be used to limit the enrolled user to their own section.

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