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Posting flood threshold is an entire hour

I got a "flood" error message when I tried to submit a question earlier. I clicked "Post" right after deleting tags that evidently were not permitted in the Labels field (e.g. "Recording" and "BigBlueButton"). The post had not been submitted on the first round due to the error detection in the Labels field, but I got cyber-whapped anyway.

The flooding error message indicates I cannot correct the problem the system pointed out with my post unless I can wait . . . a full hour? Tested and confirmed. Sheesh.

Canvas folks, pretty please, could you maybe jiggle that setting to say, a half-minute or so? Or add a case for user error correction?

"Correct the highlighted errors and try again. Post flooding detected (community received posts of a unique message more than 1 times within 3600 seconds)."

PS: How I'd love to be able to pay Canvas a little something for my little classes. I miss support. I hardly ever contacted them, but those folks were lovely! And right now, I miss being able to quickly post a question in the forum for the hive mind. Ah, well. Guess I'll come back tomorrow.

PPS: Don't try to use tags in the Labels field, folks. Just don't.

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