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Prevent canvas from removing empty div tags

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If I am editing a page's body field (HTML editor) and I add an empty div. For example: 

<div class="write-in-me-later"></div>

Upon save this div is excised from the page, reopening the editor will find it missing. 

Is there any way to prevent this removal behavior. I would like to be able to set up the html structure of a page before all the content is ready. 


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@WillKP I don't believe there is a way to prevent Canvas from doing the "clean up" on the HTML.  I have put in "XXX" or lorem ipsum as place holders to hold things in place and to see what it will look like with content.

Hope this helps!


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Hi there, @WillKP ...

In addition to the information that you received from @nwilson7, this document might be of help to you:

Canvas HTML Editor Allowlist PDF

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