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Problem with Equations

I made a 20 question multiple choice Quiz for a mathematics assessment.  This morning it was working perfectly and then suddenly the equations were not loading properly.  When editing you can no longer see the 'basic view' but rather the code behind the equation.  When previewing or testing in student mode, the questions start with the older version of the equation and then within 5 seconds it updates to a cleaner font but there are Math Processing Errors where the equation is no longer visible.  Furthermore it does not complete its loading of the questions and the last one is left incomplete.  This is a big problem as the end of year assessment is scheduled next week and there is not guarantee that the students will see a complete version of the quiz.  Has there been a recent update of the equations editor which makes it incompatible with previous work?

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I don't have an answer, but I wanted to chime in to say that I am having a similar issue.  It is beyond frustrating when we are just trying to get to the end of the semester with our wits intact! For the time being I am resorting to rendering a math equation in LaTeX and then taking a screenshot to insert as an image, but this is clearly an unacceptable solution.

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We are having the same issue in our district.  

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I noticed that my school has an EquatIO integration, which is available under the External Tools button in the Rich Content Editor.  It is easy to use, and a much better work-around than my prior solution of posting PDF images of equations.  However, this won't help those from institutions without this add-on enabled.

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There was an update to the equation editor yesterday. I submitted a ticket to support and they said there is an open ticket with the engineers who are working on a solution. If you submit a ticket you can get added to the open problem and you'll receive updates and an email when it's been fixed.

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I am having the exact same issue!  All of my multiple choice answer choices are not showing correctly... I try to fix them and save it, but the fixes do not actually save.  I am giving a test, and every question and answer choice that has to be entered one by one is affected.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

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I tried to make a quiz and all equations are rendered as raw LaTex or equation editor code. Moreover, if you go in and try to edit it, the equations start getting mixed up and scattered about the screen in a bizarre way. 

Just last week I made a quiz and everything worked fine, so this appears to be a recently developing phenomenon. 

Now I get to tell my students they don't get to have a quiz this week. 

This is a serious issue and needs to be addressed pronto.

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Just coming here to say that I have the same issue, and it seems to have shown up for me just in the last 24 hours *while my students' final was open*! (I give them a window of a couple days to take it.) Some students had already completed the final without problem, and then all of a sudden I'm getting emails saying that the questions won't load. I fixed the questions by just changing the answers to plain text (luckily there weren't too many). But this was extremely annoying and stressful for me and several of my students. And on top of this, I'm still not able to view the answers from some students who didn't have trouble actually taking the test (maybe the update went in to effect after they had loaded the quiz but before they submitted it? I have no idea!). I am also waiting to hear back from tech help. I really hope that this gets sorted out quickly and maybe no updates like this right at the end of the semester in the future, please?!