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Removing Color Overlays

I want to remove the color overlay from my course cards with images.  An earlier user question about this issue was answered by directing us to the Dashboard View where we could--supposedly--deselect the Color Overlay.  In Dashboard View I see Color Overlay with a check mark by it.  When I click on it, the Dashboard View drop-down disappears, and the color overlays disappear too--great, so far.  But when I leave my dashboard and return to it later, the color overlays are all back on--not great. Is there any way to PERMANENTLY deselect color overlays so I will not see them again on course cards with images?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

@mxm20 ...

It sounds like you are doing everything right to remove the color overlay from your course cards on your dashboard.  Curious...have you tried using a different web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to see if your experience is any different?

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!  Take care...