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Rubric-level statistics

Does anyone know if there has been any progress in building reporting capacity to run rubric-level statistics? I post this request every few months or so, going back as far as 2015, but no luck. Crickets 😞

I know that several community members have suggested relatively labor-intensive work-arounds, but it still stuns me that an LMS of this complexity offers no easy solution in allowing admins or faculty the ability to run simple frequency data and analysis on student performance where a rubric has been used to grade an assignment. I use the outcomes feature quite frequently to try to imitate this process - but most often - the individual criteria of a rubric are not meant at the outcomes level - or creating an individual outcome for a complex rubric is ineffective, inappropriate and cumbersome on a large rubric.  

Please, please, I hope someone at Canvas will listen. Rubric-level statistics seem like such an easy fix given that quiz-level statistics exist.  Rubric-level performance is an essential reporting function for every accreditation report and infrastructure. I'm an administrator in institutional effectiveness, managing accreditation efforts at the specialized and institutional level.

Thank you for listening!

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The only way I know of to do this is with outcomes.  I tried to set this up once by creating groups for course outcomes, groups inside those for the objectives of every unit (about a third of the course), and with outcomes inside the appropriate group for the aligned outcome(s), and a separate outcome for every criteria of my rubrics.  This was very labor intensive, and so I did not continue beyond unit 1.  I understand your reluctance, but this is the only way I know of to achieve the statistics you are looking for right now.  There are new reports in new analytics, however, and so it is possible the information could be pulled from there...

Otherwise, I would suggest that you share your comments as an idea conversation in this forum:

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Yes! My rubrics have many, many criteria on them and most of them are too fine-grain to be listed as outcomes. Inputting probably over 100 outcomes just to track student performance on assignments is untenable. Being able to just automatically see reports on criteria stats would be AMAZING!