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    I manage multiple sections of a course--a chemistry laboratory. We treat the sections as individual courses in Canvas so that each instructor can send specific announcements, and manage grades separately. I am enrolled as a Designer in sections taught by others. As such, I am frustrated by the fact that the course status as Published versus Unpublished is hidden from me. I need to go to Settings, and once that page is opened, I can see a small message in the corner saying: Course is Published (or not). I would ask that this be shown on the course's home page.

    Also, there is NO INDICATION IN STUDENT VIEW THAT A COURSE IS NOT PUBLISHED!  I also recommend that a warning be posted in Student View indicating when a course is not yet published. If a student cannot see the course b/c/ it is not published, then I should not be able to see it there either!


Don Hughes

Donald J. Hughes, Ph.D.      315.445.4536
Dept. of Chemistry, Le Moyne College

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @hughesdj , greetings! My guess is that your inability to see from the home page if a course is published or not has to do with the permissions set-up by your school for the "Designer" role. Each school can set and adjust the permissions for different roles, so my recommendation is to contact the Canvas Admins at your school and see if they can adjust your permissions. 

I also double-checked and the permission your role is probably missing and that would likely fix the problem is "Course State - Manage." What this does is, "Allows users to publish, conclude, and delete courses." Even if you don't plan on doing any of these things as a designer, having the option is what would allow you to easily see if the course was published or not. 


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