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Show lesson schedules in Canvas calendar

Hi, I was wondering if there are institutions out there who import their students lesson schedules in the Canvas calendar? Now we only use the Canvas calendar for assignment due dates and appointment groups. It feels like we are not fully taking use of the calendar though. The lesson schedules now have to be consulted in another application, which makes students having to switch between applications all the time.

Thanks for your suggestions and advices! 

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You have asked the exact same question that I was wondering! Did you get anywhere with doing this?

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Community Advocate

Hi Frederic and Alannah,

I have been experimenting with this today and unfortunately I haven't been able to find any way to import calendar feeds from elsewhere into canvas. However, you can export the calendar feed out from canvas so you could have them combined in an outlook or a Google calendar so your students can see all their calendar events in one place.

Here's a guide on how to do it 

Hope this helps!


Hi Stephen and Alannah

Importing the Canvas calendar into another (personal) calendar is indeed the way we do it right now. But students would love to see the lesson schedule directly in the Canvas calendar, which seems to be quite challenging... we haven't been able to find a way to do so. So I was hoping anyone would have been experimenting successfully with this. We keep looking into it!

As a teacher, you can put an event in the calendar and have it repeat.  This would be added to each students' calendar.  (The event would be your class.)  Other than that, there is not a way to do this at this time.