Showing explanation of correct answers when students answer incorrectly

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We wants students to be able to take the quiz twice: first time just seeing correct/incorrect responses. On second try, seeing full explanation of correct and incorrect answers (all options). 

In setting up a quiz, is it possible to give students multiple chances (i.e. 2 chances) and then see the *explanations* of the correct answer after the second submission? 

For example,

Student takes the quiz once. Gets all three answers wrong. They see a bubble for each incorrect answer explaining that the answer was incorrect.

Student takes the quiz a second time. Gets two answers wrong and one correct. They still see the bubble on the incorrect answers, but they don't see the explanation in green of the correct answer for the two they answered incorrectly.

Is it possible to show the correct answer "bubble" after two/multiple attempts when the answers are still wrong? Note that in the attached screen shot, the correct answers are marked for all questions, but the green bubble explaining the correct answer only appears when the correct answer was selected. 

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Hi  @juliecmoss  Thank You for your question.

As far as I know the correct answer is shown the first time the quiz is taken. There is no option for showing them the second time.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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