So Frustrated With Canvas Training: Please Answer One Question

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I am so frustrated at the moment. 

I am going through Canvas training right now at my school. We have homework every week, including discussions, which are not terribly difficult, but it is the timeline that is driving me crazy. 

Here is an example of my confusion: We have a Discussion that appears to be due today, Easter Sunday 04/04, at midnight. And yet when I look at the assignment in Canvas, this is the information I see: 

Available until Apr 11 at 11:59pm -- Due Apr 4 at 11:59pm
What the heck does this mean? "Available"? Does this mean that I will receive a zero if I attempt to participate in this Discussion on April 5th?
And as if that weren't crazy-making enough, when I open the assignment there is suddenly no mention of April 11th. Now it just says this: Due April 4th

Can someone please decode this language for me? Whenever I give an assignment to my students I ALWAYS make the due date and the assignment date the same. I appreciate it.

Lost in California