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I'd like to sort the Moderate Quiz page by attempt and score.  Even better would be to filter by section, too.  I'd also like to be able to see all my students on the same page; maybe an option to max 50-60 to a page.  We use Respondus LockDown Browser so I'm not ready to move to Quizzes Next.  

Is there a work around for sorting the Moderate Quiz page?

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 @redlick40 ,

Unfortunately, this functionality does not exist in Canvas.  A quick search of the feature requests shows a number of requests for similar functionality, unfortunately, none of the requests garnered enough support to move forward.  At this time, there are no longer plans to develop feature for the Old Quiz tool.  All resources have been dedicated to the development of New Quizzes. 

I did find this for the New Quizzes tool: 


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