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I'm new to Canvas and to this forum. I have the following question:

Students submit homework to Canvas as docx, jpeg, and pdf files. I've been using the drawing tool on speed grader to comment on the files, as if I'm handwriting with a pen.

My questions:

1. Do students receive notifications about these "free draw annotations"?

2. Are these annotations saved? I just drew some comments on a student's DOCX file. Then I went back to her homework in a few minutes and saw the same file displayed as it was before -- without my drawings on it.

Any suggestions how to better use the Speed Grader tool -- how to save the teacher's feedback or make it directly visible to the students would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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There should be a check mark in the upper right corner of your drawing that you can use to accept the drawing.  That should make it stick.  Students will see the drawing when the grades are posted.  Other tips that may help you are included here: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Instructor-Guide/How-do-I-add-annotated-comments-in-student-submi...

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I had that happen and it was that I was neglecting to click on that checkmark after every entry.  It was so frustrating that I did several papers before realizing that it wasn't saving my comments. And, it's frustrating to have to click that checkmark every time. I wish it would just automatically save what we write, and if we don't want it there, then we can delete the comment.

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