SpeedGrader video comments stalling, not working as you move through assignments.

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Hello all,

I have one instructor who has steadily been experiencing issues using the video feedback function in SpeedGrader. I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this newest issue, and if anyone is aware of a solution.

When the instructor finishes recording a video comment, it is taking so long to process that the page times out. She gets a pop-up asking if she wants to close the page or wait for it to respond. She clicks wait, and continues to get this pop-up and has to click wait for quite some time before the video actually finishes processing. She has no other programs or browsers open when this happens, and mainly uses Mozilla Firefox. (She is currently testing this with Google Chrome for me to see if anything different happens.) 

Another issue is the ability to create video feedback as you move through submissions in SpeedGrader. Once she finishes with one student and moves on to the next, she cannot get the video commenting feature to start up. She has to completely exit out of SpeedGrader and come back in to get it to work again.

I have not been able to recreate these issues myself. Any insight is appreciated!