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Student View: Access Denied

I am currently setting up the homepage for my Canvas classrooms this fall.

On both my unpublished courses and my published sandbox course, I have no issues creating assignments and linking them to buttons on the home page.

When I switch to student view, I can click on the assignment tab and see all of the assignments just fine. On the student view, however, it says "Access Denied."

I definitely don't want this to be an issue that gets sprung on me the first day! Is there any step I might be missing?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @NickNafster79 ...

Sorry to see that your question has been sitting out here for quite some time without a response.  Have you been able to find a solution to your question?  One thought I had as I read through your question...are you, by chance, copying links on your buttons from one course to another?  Or, are you making sure that your linked buttons are pointing to only the content in the same course?  It's not a good idea to copy/paste links from one course to another.  While the links may work for you as an instructor (because you are enrolled in both courses), links would not work for students that way because they are, most likely, not enrolled in both of those courses.  Not sure if this is your situation, but I wanted to offer it up as a possibility.

Let Community members know if you have any other questions...thanks!  Take well.

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please I really need help with my classes, My canvas is not opening, this is my (telephone number redacted by Community Team).

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@geraldine2  You've posted a reply in a publicly visible forum so we redacted what we believe was your direct telephone number to protect your privacy. If you are not able to access your Canvas courses, your best step would be to contact your school directly for assistance.