Student access to greyed out course modules.

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I have students accessing a course but its contents is greyed out and have no interaction. I suspect that once a teacher or convenor is also assigned to this course, the students will then have full access to the course content and this correct?

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Hi  @nwaixel  - If they are actually accessing the course, as you state, then that means it has been published--correct? I assume this must be done automatically or it is set up that way ahead of time, even before a teacher has been added.  If all of that is true, then you are correct, assuming the course is otherwise populated and ready to go, which it kind of sounds like it is.  I have to assume that your institution populates the course sites with material using course designers and then the teacher gets added at some point.

Be aware that the teacher still has work to do, not the least of which is publishing the modules within the course, since it sounds from the subject heading of your question that the course is using modules.  Take a look here for more information: How do I use Draft State in Modules?  In addition to publishing the material within a module, it is important to publish the module itself!  Also, encourage your teachers to use the student view early and often! 

I hope this helps, Neil.

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