The Google doc. tab is no longer showing up when students try to submit an assignment.

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The Google doc. tab is no longer showing up when my students try to submit an assignment in Canvas. I have several work arounds for this but it was much more efficient when the student could just click on the Google doc. tab and then select the file to submit. When my students click on the Google Drive tab, it spins and spins without loading or is very slow to load. Is there something that Canvas created that I am unaware of? I did see Google LTI 1.3, does that take the place of the Google doc. tab? Thank you for any help in the matter. 

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Hi @tmclain 

LTI integrations like Google are managed by the Canvas admin at your school.  If you are seeing problems with the Google integration, you'll want to contact the Help Desk or Canvas Support at your school to investigate.

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