Timed quiz didn't auto-submit when time was up

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I'm a student, I took a quiz with a 30 min time limit and 2:30pm due date. I started at 2:00, finished at around 2:20, and then just closed my laptop thinking it would submit. 

However when I opened my laptop back up at 4:15pm, the countdown popped up, and I clicked 'submit'. Then the page showed that my quiz took 115 mins and was submitted at 4:15pm! Does Canvas not auto-submit if you aren't online? I really don't want to get accused of cheating.

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Hi @redmond122,

The way a timed quiz works, if you navigate away (which closing your computer did by shutting off internet connection), the quiz auto-submits the next time you log in and click the take quiz button. It only submits at exactly the end of allotted time if you are actively in the quiz.  If your teacher questions you, they can look at your quiz log and see you didn't answer any questions between the time you closed your computer and when you went back to the quiz. It wasn't cheating!

If you'd kept your laptop open, you would have seen a little warning and the auto-submission take place.

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