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Transferring Canvas Assignments Out to My Google Classroom Assignment List

We have developed assignments in various Canvas courses for a number of K-12 programs. However we are looking for a way to allow teachers using our Canvas course structure to export the assignments out to their Google Classroom accounts to their students in that environment.

We understand and have used the great work that has been done to integrate Google Classroom assignments INTO Canvas as Canvas Assignments, but we are trying to do just the opposite by moving Canvas Assignments OUT TO Google Classroom!

Has anyone worked this out beyond just "manually rebuilding" each assignment by hand in Google Classroom assignment by assignment?

@tbooth you seem to be a "source of light" on the topic of Canvas-Google Classroom integration!!!

Thanks in advance!


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I think I might have found my solution...will test and report back based on this video 

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Found this good documentation from the Google Classroom end: