Ungraded assignments- do they become 0s? (Part 2)

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It's me again. So I have a weirder issue: I had this project back in 1st semester, November. It was due Nov 3, I submitted Nov 1 and I got a 90% on it. For some reason, second semester comes around (3rd quarter) and I keep seeing it in "grades" and I asked my friend and she doesn't see it. I ignore it. Now last quarter is here (4th quarter) and here it is again. I asked my teacher, explaining the ordeal, and she said since it's an assignment from a long time ago just ignore it. My friend once again didn't see it in Q4 also. So I submitted it just to be safe- before my teacher's response- and I have a feeling she'll ignore it. School ends Fri 5/28. Will it become a 0? Bc I toggled the what-if score feature and put in a 0 and my grade would change to a D or low C depending on the other assignments' grades. I can't have that. I'm elearning and it'd look dumb to have a bad grade in such an easy course (easy for me at least). 


Also: can u guys in canvas community like intervene and change stuff? I've always wondered- since yall know all abt the app/site. It's ok if u didn't; I'd just thought it'd be super cool! 🙂

Enjoy your day every1 reading/replying to this!!!