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I am trying to upload a Word document into an assignment. I have successfully uploaded a PDF to this assignment but when I choose a Word document to upload, text stating "no file chosen" appears when i hit "upload." I have never had a problem with this before and am using my regular browser, Safari.

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Hi Rick,

I am adding this to an existing assignment. So I select assignment:


Go to the spot in the tex where I want to add the file


+Upload a new file

Choose file

(Opens folder, I highlight the file I want and select) Choose

The file name shows up next to the “choose file” button. (I noticed though that if my cursor is near the assignment text after choosing the file, there will be a tiny notice which says, “no file chosen,” even though the file name is next to the “choose file” button as usual.

Then, at the bottom of that column, there is an Upload button.

Usually when that is “pushed” the link to the file shows up where it is supposed to in the text.

For this file, when I “push” Upload, the spot in the text is highlighted with a yellow bar the width of one letter, then it disappears.

Weirdly, while doing this several times in order to write down the steps, it was successful... but it was not where I wanted it in the text. Tried it again where I wanted it with no success so...

I figured it out. For some reason, I can’t embed that link to that file in that exact spot in the text. I was able to add it on the next line. I had been replacing a previous file and trying to put it in the same spot. I have successfully done this before but for some reason, it won’t work with this file.

I need to make the switch in 6 assignments and it wouldn’t work where I wanted it to in any of them. Tried changing the file name to make it shorter etc.

At any rate, the problem is solved. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

(Also, I am an instructor which may be why you weren’t seeing the same commands in the page)


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