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Using the API to add a criterion to an existing rubric

I am able to use the API to create a rubric and populate it with criteria.  The problem which I keep running into is that the whole rubric object is incredibly verbose, and any just a bit larger rubric will get rejected by the server due to the size of the request.  We frequently have rubrics with more than 30 criteria (such as an exam with 10 questions, where each question has 3 separate outcomes students get graded on), and these are impossible to create through the API.

I tried to use the "update rubric" api to add criteria to an existing rubric, but as far as I can tell, that will replace the all existing criteria with the new ones instead.  I could not find any way to append a new criterion to an existing rubric.

Is there some way to accomplish that, or some other way how to work around the request size limitation?  Also, I would rather not mess around with spreadsheets.

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