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What is the best way to do timed free response quiz questions?

I teach AP physics and seeing my student's work is critical.  I gave a "quiz" with a file upload question that required students to upload their work. 


First issue - they can only upload a single file.  If they needed a second page, they weren't able to upload it.

Second issue - speed grader makes me download their file instead of just viewing the file in the pane to the left (why thought??).  I graded one student's using the rubric and then she told me she couldn't view the rubric that I clicked through - only the final score.  

I know I can do an assignment, but then I lose the ability to set a timer and provide extended time for students who need extended time.  Timing is critical for quizzing and testing.


Is there anyway to solve this using Canvas?  Given all of the other new tools thrown at me and my students, I'd really prefer not to have to use an external tool.


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For the first issue: Are you using the "classic quiz" or "new quizzes"? 

I have not tried it yet, but on the "new quizzes" file upload question you can "limit" the number of submissions. I would think you could up it to however many files you would like to allow them to upload.

It is a very different quiz platform compared to the classic quiz, but has some perks to learning how to use it.

I am not sure about the second issue, but I hope this helps!