When do General Comments on a Quiz appear?

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For my quizzes, I deselect "Let Students see Correct Answers" then identify a later date when students can access their correct and incorrect answers.  I also put explanatory text in the General Comments box that I want them to be able to read at that specified later date (but not before).  Is that what happens? So, my question is it:

When I deselect "Let Students see Correct Answers" at what point can students see each question's "General Comments"? 

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Hi Nancy,

So, the only box you have ticked is to Let Students See their Quiz Responses?

show incorrect answers only

Well I just took a quiz with those settings and got 1 question correct and 1 question incorrect. And the general feedback displays. It's always been my experience that the general feedback always displays, I rely on that feature to give hints regardless of how the student answers the question.

General feedback always displays in a quiz

By the way do you go in and manually turn on the show correct answers?  Would it be easier for you to set the date in advance for when to show the answers? The next time the course is run if you tell it to update dates, it will even update these show/hide dates. Smiley Happy

Show correct quiz answers at a specific date

Hope this helps,
Cheers - Shar

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