When will my class show up?

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When will my class show up in Canvas? My class starts on the 30th, is that when it will show up? Thanks!

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Hello Kevin,

That is something that is determined by your school and your instructor.

At many schools, Canvas enrollments are updated overnight, so if you enrolled today, you will not be added to the course in Canvas until tomorrow morning.

Also, some schools set their Canvas courses so that they are not available to students until right before the semester starts.

Finally, even after you have been added to the course in Canvas, many schools leave it up to the instructor when (or if!) they will "publish" the course and make it available to students.

After logging into Canvas, look under Courses > All Courses to see a list of your current, past, and future enrollments.  If a course has not yet been published by an instructor, it will say "Unpublished" on that screen.

See this article for more information:https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10596-4212710333 

If you have questions about the policy at your school, it's best to contact the Help Desk at the school.


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