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Where is the actual canvas shell? Shell specifically. 

Is simply being in canvas, being in the shell? We were told look into the canvas shell for math tutoring and cannot find it when searching for it within canvas. Thanks. 

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Normally a shell would refer to a "course shell" rather than a "Canvas shell." A course shell is typically an empty course that has been created and is waiting for content to be placed inside of it. I have never heard of a Canvas shell.

I would say to look for a course that is related to Math Tutoring, but that doesn't make sense for someone to tell a student to go to an empty course. If it's empty, it may not be published. Regardless, you should be able to check and see if it's there by clicking on the Courses global navigation menu and then choosing All Courses. Look for something related to math tutoring.

There is another possibility I can think of. Our school has elected to use NetTutor and then set up Canvas so our students can get access to our own local tutors as well. These aren't courses, but appear as course links within our courses. So you might go to your math course and look for a tutoring link.

You may need to reach out to the person who told you what to do. This is a global community of Canvas users from all over the world, not just from your local institution. We do not have access to your institution or your courses to see what you're seeing.